Hybrid System

Hybrid System – An Integrated version of Multi Tank Filtration

A dynamic system that exhibits filtration of both Transformer as well OLTC.Efficient Online process with independent filters to remove moisture.Its a combo with an integrated features for both the tanks to carry out its filtration very effectively by online.


A Hybrid system being integrated for both Transformer as well OLTC.It exhibits both multi tank filtration in energized condition by monitoring the percentage of Moisture in the Transformer insulation to its Dry Weight as well carrying out filtration of OLTC too. It uses Specialized cartridges for maintaining the moisture to acceptable levels. This equipment is capable of being safely fitted, operated and moved between transformers/reactors under energized conditions and is being installed upto 764 KV Class Transformers. Process will not deteriorate any of the Oil characteristics before and after the process.


PTss-THD is basically designed to operate on an energized Transformer as well OLTC to remove moisture from it. The moisture is removed by circulation of Oil through THD which has special type of absorbtive cartridges which absorb and remove moisture from the oil. This process does not employ any heating or vacuum process of oil thereby retaining the original virgin characteristics of the oil. Process does not remove Oxidation inhibitors or fault gases.


Series with flow rate of 300 LPH with 4/6(TDS) as well single(TFS) Cartridge required per change out.

Power Requirements

3 phase,415 Volts,50 Hz 1 Hp is standard and other options available on specific request.

Dimension and Weight of equipment

Dimension(LxBxH) 1000 x 450 x 1600 mm Weight: 350 Kgs (Net) and 400 Kgs with Packed accessories.

Communication Details

Compatible to external interfaces provided include Ethernet (RJ45), MODBUS & IEC 61850 for SCADA communication as well IIOT & Web Browser for Data visualization as optional.
Hybrid System – An Integrated Version Of Multi Tank Filtration
Hybrid System – An Integrated Version Of Multi Tank Filtration
Hybrid System – An Integrated Version Of Multi Tank Filtration